Troop Site Setup

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Front Country Setup in a Field of Tall Grass

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the outing, each troop has the prerogative to arrange their troop site in whatever manner they choose. Naturally, a council contingent troop, in their campsite at the national jamboree, will likely set up differently than one during an individual troop outing in a wide wooded area. But, whether the patrols are spread out or in close proximity, and whether each has their own dining fly or there’s a single large one for the entire troop, each patrol should have their own camping and cooking area where the patrol method can be put into practice. As Baden-Powell remarked, “My ideal camp is where everyone is cheery and busy, where the patrols are kept intact under all circumstances, and where every patrol leader and Scout takes a genuine pride in his camp and his gadgets.”

Troop Campsite Layout Ideas
Patrol Dining Fly
Bearmuda Triangle