Tools and Skills Overview

I – TOOLS: In the context of planning, preparing, and presenting successful troop meetings, there are a wide range of resources and techniques that can be used by troop leaders as TOOLS to get the job done.

  • Resources come in many forms. Apart from the necessary troop meeting materials needed in conjunction with whatever is planned, important resources are also the stock of useful ideas and information that help bring the Scouting program to life, giving it impact and making it fun. A go-to website containing libraries of resources in various categories is Troop Program Resources.
  • Techniques are the wherewithal and acquired abilities to effectively use these resources, so they can provide the best outcomes for the Scouts.

II – SKILLS: In the context of planning, preparing, and presenting a troop meeting where Scouts can benefit most from their participation, skills can be divided into two basic categories.

  • Leadership Skills – One of Scouting’s eight methods is Leadership Development, and gaining leadership skills is a highlight of the Scouting program. Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops is replete with essential keys relevant to this ongoing endeavor.
  • Scout Skills – In order to pass on skills from experienced Scouts to newer Scouts, youth leaders need to themselves possess the broad range of first aid and outdoor related skills. It is prudent for adult leaders in the troop to also possess these skills. The Scout Handbook is of course a natural, go-to resource, as well as the Campcraft Skill Videos section on Troop Leader Resources.

Note for new leaders: It’s not necessary to have everything and know everything all at once. Relevant tools and skills can be systematically acquired as they are needed.