Skills Instruction


Much of Scouting is learning. Though, regularly the best learning takes place on occasions when Scouts are having fun and aren’t at all aware they’re learning anything, periods set aside for relevant instruction are a fundamental part of a normal troop meeting.

The Skills Instruction portion of a troop meeting can feature topics that are theme-related, rank-related, merit badge-related, or readiness-related, as in preparing for a special activity, project, or event.

Since Scouts most always are of different ages with varying degrees of experience and levels of proficiency, during skills instruction, the troop  generally divides into different groups. In Program Features these groups are categorized by levels and termed: essential, challenging, and advanced. Often, the criteria for which instructional group a Scout attends is what will benefit him most in accordance with his individual needs, as well as the needs of the troop. Scout Handbook / Planning Skills Instruction / Putting Skills Into Action Video