Resources & References: DUTY TO GOD

Duty to God Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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Organizations, Websites and Links
Chaplain Aid
Article on the BSA’s Faith Partners
Greenleaf Center (Servant Leadership)
Messengers of Peace
Webcast on Duty to God

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Citizenship, Communication, Ethics, Mentoring, Project Planning

Photo and Illustration Credits
(Unity medal, dove pin, Sangha medal, BSA file;, courtesy: star of David, ©Tribalium; Bible, © hidesy) (Scouts participating in Communion service, Duty to God brochure, outdoor chapel, Buddhist service, BSA file) (, courtesy: diversity logo, ©KreativKolors)

We are grateful to David Wilson, Orem, Utah, for his assistance with developing the Duty to God program feature. David has long served as a chaplain at Philmont Scout Ranch.