Program Feature: WINTER CAMPING

Winter Camping Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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Comfort in the Cold

As temperatures drop and winter sets in, the backcountry transforms into a challenging landscape where even the most familiar meadow can sparkle with ice and snow. Vistas open as trees lose their leaves. The air is crisp, the quiet broken only by the crunch of boots on snow. A day of traveling across the snow and a cozy night camped beneath a frosty sky are pleasures reserved for those who have learned to thrive even as the thermometer falls into the hibernation range.

Living well in the cold involves a set of skills that can greatly expand your opportunities for outdoor adventure. If you dream of mountaineering, your routes are likely to take you to heights where you’ll need to be prepared to handle chilly winds, sleet, and snow. Winter travels in desert regions can be very cold, presenting unique sets of challenges for anyone venturing very far from a road.

You don’t have to be scared to venture out in winter; you just have to be prepared. That’s what this month’s meetings and main event are all about.

Winter Camping Information Troop Meetings Main Event