Wilderness Survival Information Troop Meetings Main Event


What Will You Do Now?

Scouting teaches you to be prepared. When you go on outings, you take along the right equipment, you let your parents know when you’ll be back, you monitor the weather, and you take other precautions to ensure that you’ll be safe. Despite your best-laid plans, however, the unexpected can happen, and you can be forced to find ways to survive in a harsh environment.

How will you stay warm, dry, and protected from the elements? What will you eat? Where will you get water? How can you make it easier for rescuers to find you? What if rescuers never come?

The Scout motto, “Be Prepared,” applies there, too. Learning survival skills before you need them is the epitome of preparedness. This month, you’ll learn basic survival skills and apply them in a survival-focused main event. You may also discover how fun and exciting it is to get by with little more than the clothes on your back.

Wilderness Survival Information Troop Meetings Main Event