Spectator Sports Information Troop Meetings Main Event


Go Team!

At some time in our lives, we all get a chance to participate in sports. Through hard work and talent, a few people get to be really good and end up on professional teams. What could be more fun than to go watch them play?

People have long gathered in large groups to watch key athletes compete. In Roman times, there were great arena shows in the Coliseum. The Ancient Greeks’ competitions inspired the Olympics. Today’s professional athletes compete in giant stadiums and arenas to show off their athletic skills.

This module leads up to a trip to a sporting event. You’ll learn about the sport, raise money for your trip, and explore safety and other issues. But most of all, you’ll have fun and be inspired by the performance of great athletes.

Although this module focuses on a going as a group to a sporting event, its principles can be used to plan a trip to a rock concert, a dramatic performance, or any other event where your unit will meet crowds of people.

Spectator Sports Information Troop Meetings Main Event