Program Feature: SKATEBOARDING

Skateboarding Information Troop Meetings Main Event


Ready to Ride

Chances are you see somebody on a skateboard nearly every day. From its humble beginnings more than half a century ago, skateboarding has evolved into a sport and a lifestyle that let you exercise your body while expressing your personality.

Skateboarding is an inexpensive form of transportation, a great form of exercise, and a sport with few rules but endless tricks to master. While some tricks should be left to the pros, you can easily build up
to tricks that will amaze your friends and maybe yourself. Best of all, skateboarding is a sport with few requirements or expectations of performance. Whether you’re an old pro or don’t know an ollie from an elephant, this month’s meetings and activities will help you improve your skills while having a great time.

Skateboarding Information Troop Meetings Main Event