Program Feature: SCUBA DIVING

Scuba Diving Information Troop Meetings Main Event

An Adventure Underwater

Who hasn’t dreamed of finding a sunken shipwreck full of gold or being a great underwater explorer like Jacques Cousteau or Robert Ballard? The good news is you don’t have to be a professional to explore the world under water. Similar experiences and adventures are available to scuba divers worldwide.

Although you may not find any gold, your life will be changed once you venture below the surface. You will gain new confidence about your abilities and learn about this hidden world. Whether you dive in freshwater or the ocean, new sights and experiences await you there.

Don’t think diving is limited to those who live near an ocean. Diving and dive careers are available virtually anywhere there is water. You might be surprised to learn how much diving takes place in rivers, lakes, and quarries in your own backyard. Whether you live near the coast or in the center of the country, you can always find new underwater worlds to explore.

Note: A complete scuba program will take more than four meetings. This module is designed to lead to a Discover Scuba experience offered by certified PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) dive shops. The BSA requires the use of outside agencies like PADI (with whom the BSA has a memorandum of understanding to promote scuba diving) and others for training and certification.

Scuba Diving Information Troop Meetings Main Event