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Project Planning

Getting Things Done

We all have stuff to do, whether that means a job, a task, or something that just has to get done. When that something involves multiple steps, multiple people, or both, it can probably be classified as a project. In simplest terms, a project is a temporary endeavor that creates or produces a unique product, service, or result and has a definite beginning and end. Doesn’t that sound like just about everything we do in Scouting? Planning a campout, holding a fundraiser, or completing an Eagle Scout service project—these are all tasks that require project management skills.

This module will introduce your unit to the stages of team-based project planning. It will also give you some tips for completing a project without letting things spin out of control. You will learn that projects are almost living, breathing creatures that need to be fed and nurtured lest they wither away. The secret to success, of course, is to plan your work and then to work your plan. The more time you spend in preparation, the easier the project will be.

Project Planning Information Troop Meetings Main Event