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Music Information Troop Meetings Main Event


Pitch, Tempo, and Rhythm

Music is essentially thoughts and feelings expressed through sound and rhythm. Joy, celebration, happiness, anger, sorrow, fear, love—the list of emotions that can be expressed by music could go on and on.

Music has been around as long as history has been recorded. It is in our nature to sing or find a way to make musical sound with objects we call musical instruments. There are many types of instruments to
explore, and they can be combined to make the most interesting music. Traditional instruments can form a band or orchestra, or you can repurpose milk jugs, trash can lids, and plastic bins to create your own junk drum ensemble. And don’t forget the human voice—the most versatile instrument of all.

As you embark on a journey of musical exploration, you will discover how music reflects culture. Every part of the world can be identified by its “sound.” Whether you create music, build instruments, or simply sit back and enjoy the artistry of others, you will have had a magical experience. May this journey inspire you and those who share in your musical endeavor.

Music Information Troop Meetings Main Event