Program Feature: MENTORING

Mentoring Information Troop Meetings Main Event


Growing Yourself and Others

Who made you the person you are today? Your parents are major influences, of course, but you’ve been shaped by many people, including Scout leaders, teachers, coaches, and others—many of whom could wear the title “mentor.”

A mentor is a wise, loyal advisor. According to Greek mythology, Mentor was a friend and advisor to Odysseus. He was so well thought of that Odysseus trusted him to teach his son Telemachus. Great mentors, such as Merlin to King Arthur and Aristotle to Alexander the Great, help create a vision of how we can make a difference in the lives of others.

As you get older, you have the chance to become a mentor yourself. That’s much of what a senior patrol leader, crew president, or Order of the Arrow lodge chief does. Someday, you may also become a parent yourself—the ultimate mentoring role.

Mentoring should be fun—it’s enjoyable to watch others grow and become like us. This month’s meetings and activities will get you started.

Mentoring Information Troop Meetings Main Event