Program Feature: LIVING HISTORY

Living History Information Troop Meetings Main Event

Living History 2

A Future in the Past

Have you ever read a science fiction novel about time travel? Time travel is impossible, of course, but you can experience the next best thing through living history. You can find living history presentations at museums, historic sites, heritage centers, schools, and many other locations. Through the use of clothing styles, pastimes, skills, foods, cooking, music, and handicrafts, interpreters of living history give a sense of everyday life as it was lived during the period they represent.

Living history interpreters seek to demonstrate cultures, including military life, farming, village life, fur trading, and commerce, from a specific time and place in history. Some interpret daily life at museums and sites such as Colonial Williamsburg. Some reenact important events in American history like the Battle of Gettysburg. Some interpret frontier history at backcountry camps such as those at Philmont Scout Ranch.

This month’s meetings will introduce you to basic concepts of living history and start you on the road to a future in the past. So jump into your time machine, and let the journey begin!

Living History Information Troop Meetings Main Event