Program Feature: HIKING

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Finding Adventure in the World Around You

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the wizard Gandalf said, “All those who wander are not lost.” Gandalf was speaking of Aragorn, a Ranger and a wanderer, who always knew where he was and the nature of his quest. But, he could also have been talking about Scouts on a hike.

Hiking is a kind of wandering—but wandering without being lost. You can plan adventures or come upon adventures by surprise. You can follow marked trails through well-known parks, wilderness areas, or even large cities. You can learn about nature and the history that’s all around you. No matter how or where you hike, you can always have an adventure and learn something new.

In fact, as you plan hikes, you may want to plan special activities to do along the way: nature study, orienteering, geocaching, or some other skill Scouts will enjoy. The destination of a hike can provide activities, too: fishing in a lake or stream, cooking a meal over a camp stove or open fire, or helping with a conservation project.

To wander without getting lost (or getting hurt), you need to have some skills. The wanderers in The Lord of the Rings all used a map. They also had a guide—sort of—in Gollum; they did not go without some guidance. The hikers also took things they needed to make the journey. They were prepared for the journey. In the end, they arrived back home safely. You can do the same after a day or weekend of hiking adventure.

Hiking Information Troop Meetings Main Event