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Fun With Lots of Purposes

Do you ever remember a time when you didn’t play games? Probably not. Most of us start playing games such as hide and seek as toddlers, and we keep playing games of one sort or another throughout our lives.

For thousands of years, in every culture, and across every part of the globe, people have played games. Games are fun—unless you’re getting trounced by an opponent!—but they’re more than simple diversions. They challenge us to overcome long odds, tell compelling stories, and give us the chance to work with or against one another. They give structure to play. We are motivated to think of creative solutions, practice new skills, and share with those around us.

Games also come in almost every shape and size, format and flavor imaginable. Games can be fast-paced, slow, or anything in between. Some are competitive. Some are cooperative. They may be for individuals, small groups, or thousands of players at a time. They might take seconds to complete or last for years. However you slice it, everyone has played games, and games help make us who we are.

This month, you’ll play a lot of games at meetings and during the main event. But you’ll also go behind the scenes to analyze why games work or why they don’t. You can even get a jumpstart on the Game Design merit badge if you want to dive deeper into the world of games.

Games Information Troop Meetings Main Event