Financial Management Information Troop Meetings Main Event


Earning, Saving, Spending

In 2012, an NFL player named Warren Sapp filed for bankruptcy even though he had earned more than $50 million during his career. Two years later, a Vermont store clerk named Ronald Read died. Although he had never earned a lot of money, Mr. Read left $6 million to charity—the result of decades of frugal living and careful investing.

Think about what you want your adult life to be like financially. Do you want to be able to travel or have a nice car? Do you hope to support causes that are important to you? Do you want to work at a job you love or just a job that earns you a lot of money? The choices are all yours. By developing skills, learning fiscal restraint, working hard in school, and planning for a suitable career, you can control your destiny instead of being controlled by it. That’s what this program feature is all about.

Financial Management Information Troop Meetings Main Event