Program Feature: ENGINEERING

Engineering Information Troop Meetings Main Event

Building Our World

In 62 B.C., the people of Rome were faced with a problem: A wooden bridge spanning the Tiber River had been destroyed by fire, and they needed a way to reach Tiber Island. Their solution was to construct a new bridge, the Pons Fabricius, out of stone so the crossing could not burn down again. Believe it or not, that bridge is still in use to this day—and it isn’t even the oldest in the world. Bridges like the Pons Fabricius are great examples of what engineers do every day.

Engineers work to solve the difficult problems that face our society. Whether it’s building a bridge to cross a river, creating a new machine to manufacture cars, or fitting a huge amount of technology into a smartphone, an engineer’s work can leave a lasting impact on society.

This month, Scouts will have the opportunity to learn about the different disciplines within engineering. The weekly meetings will be full of fun activities that enable Scouts to see firsthand the broad reach of this field across a variety of disciplines.

Engineering Information Troop Meetings Main Event