Program Feature: COMMUNICATION

Communication Information Troop Meetings Main Event


Getting and Giving Information

An old movie called Cool Hand Luke included this famous line: “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” But, communication failures don’t just happen in the movies; they happen in school, in families, and in Scout units. Have you ever had a campout where somebody showed up late because they didn’t hear the announced time? Have you ever had a meeting where nobody listened, even when the senior patrol leader held up the Scout sign for five minutes? Have your parents ever failed to hear what you were trying to say about chores or homework—or have you ever failed to hear them?

Communication is an essential life skill—a critical skill—that all people need. The activities in this program feature will help your Scouts use a variety of communication techniques more effectively. It will also put Scouts on the road toward earning the Communication merit badge or other badges and awards related to communication.

Communication Information Troop Meetings Main Event