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The World at Your Feet

Many people today never stray far from a warm bed, a cozy bathroom, and a well-stocked refrigerator. While they enjoy all the comforts of home, they miss out on the wonders of nature, the fun of exploring new places, and the exhilaration that comes with accomplishing more than they ever thought they could.

When you go backpacking, you carry all the essentials of home (if not all the comforts of it) on your back. No longer are you tied to one particular place. You can eat breakfast in a secluded valley, have lunch along a winding trail, and enjoy dinner by starlight on a mountaintop. Then you can bed down under the stars for a well-earned rest before beginning a new day of adventure.

Backpacking can be a single-day activity of several miles in a local park or a weeklong trek of 50 miles or longer at Philmont Scout Ranch. No matter what the distance, you will need to be prepared to meet the challenge, and you will need to follow the principles of Leave No Trace so that those who follow you can enjoy the same trails for decades to come.

Backpacking Information Troop Meetings Main Event