Patrol Duty Roster

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The duties roster is a blueprint for shared responsibility. In preparation for the main event, during breakout group sessions, buddies are assigned to various tasks to assure their patrol’s smooth running and organization for mealtimes. Everyone has a job to do. For long term camps, responsibilities can change daily after lunch cleanup. If the outing is only for a few meals, assignments are changed after each meal.

Duty Roster
Sample Duty Roster Form

The Fire and Water Crew maintains the water supply, supplies of tinder, kindling, and fuel wood, or charcoal, protected from the weather, makes sure cooking fires and/or stoves are ready to assure the cook crew has meals prepared on time.

The Cook Crew assembles food supply, follows menus and recipes exactly, serves meals on time, puts food away, prepares cook pots to soak, and has cleanup water set on the fire or stove before serving meals.

The Cleanup Crew sets up wash and rinse water for dishwashing, cleans cooking pots and utensils, cleans up camp kitchen and dining areas, stores all group equipment, disposes of garbage and trash, and, as appropriate, puts out the cooking fire.

Fillable Patrol Duty Roster