Meeting 3

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Preopening: Hunker Down:  Materials:  20-foot length of 1/2-inch soft, synthetic rope, two platforms 6 to 8-inches tall (two halves of a cinder block or two cuts from a downed tree, 8-inches in diameter)

Opening: American Flag

Group Instruction: video projection device,

Skills Instruction: 6-foot manila lashing rope for each Scout (whipped on each end with a Half Knot Whipping), Scout stave for each Scout

Activity: Catch the Snapper– Materials:  four Scout staves, six 6-foot lashing ropes, one 3-foot cord, one fishing sinker and a mouse or rattrap for each patrol

—> Scout staves (“Hiking Staff”) can be purchased from the Supply Division HERE.

Leader’s Minute: Confidence

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