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Related Advancement and Awards

  • Architecture, Astronomy, Automotive Maintenance, Aviation, Chemistry, Composite Materials, Digital Technology, Drafting, Electricity, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Farm Mechanics, Game Design, Home Repairs, Inventing, Mining in Society, Model Design and Building, Nuclear Science, Pioneering, Programming, Robotics, Space Exploration, Surveying, and Welding merit badges
  • Nova and Supernova awards

Different Types of Engineers
Engineers work tirelessly to find solutions to problems. From building bridges to developing waterproof textiles, engineers can be found in just about every industry. Engineering can be broken down into four major branches:

  • EngineerChemical engineering — the study of chemicals and the process of creating new materials and compounds
  • Mechanical engineering — the study of designing mechanical systems
  • Civil engineering — the study of designing and constructing public and private works
  • Electrical engineering — the study of designing electrical systems and components

Subdisciplines Within Engineering Branches

  • ChemicalChemical Engineering
    — Bioinformatics
    — Biotechnology
    — Cheminformatics
    — Environmental engineering
    — Fluid dynamics
    — Molecular engineering
    — Nanotechnology
    — Polymer and plastics engineering
    — Textile engineering
  • Civil Engineering
    Civil— Materials engineering
    — Coastal engineering
    — Construction engineering
    — Structural and earthquake engineering
    — Environmental engineering
    — Geotechnical engineering
    — Water resource engineering
    — Surveying
    — Transportation, municipal, and urban engineering
  • MechanicalMechanical Engineering
    — Biomechanics
    — Mechatronics
    — Acoustical engineering
    — Aerospace engineering
    — Manufacturing engineering
    — Automotive engineering
    — Design and drafting
  • Electrical Engineering
    Electrical— Power engineering
    — Control engineering
    — Electronic engineering
    — Microelectronics
    — Signal processing
    — Telecommunications engineering
    — Instrumentation engineering
    — Computer engineering

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Engineering Information Troop Meetings Main Event