Camping Trip Activities

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Camping can often play a central role in most of the 48 program features troops may choose as a monthly theme. During a monthly outing, each of these features can serve to provide a focus for activities that are relevant and engaging.

In between the responsibilities reflected in the patrol duty roster, there are numerous activities to consider. Most any challenge or game that is fun during a troop meeting can be played in the outdoors during a camping trip. (Refer to: Categorized Activities in Troop Program Resources.)

On  many camping trips, meaningful activities are centered around the campsite itself, where Scouts are cheerfully pulling together towards the common goal to make and keep their camp comfortable and organized—everyone doing their part and helping one another. There’s fun inherent in using the timeless Scout skills they’ve acquired, to create a campsite that is well-working and enjoyable. The Scouts’ campsite can be considered their very own, personalized outdoor home away from home, and they can take pride in what they’ve accomplished as reflected by their ability to function as a well-working Scout patrol.